Get Hip Jazz Education

Get Hip Jazz Education
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BCOE Arts Ed Helps Bring Jazz Educational Outreach Program to 1200 Area Students

BCOE Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) in partnership with Chico Performances and the Oroville State Theatre presented a Get Hip jazz education outreach to 1200 local students, grades 3-5, during two free concerts on Friday morning, April 15th.  The nationally renowned JazzReach – Metta Quintet sparked curiosity, engaged young minds, and ignited creative imaginations for students from Sierra Avenue Elementary, Plumas Avenue School, Wyandotte Academy, Helen Wilcox, Oakdale Heights, STREAM Charter School, Ophir Elementary, and Bangor Elementary.

The students participated in an interactive introduction to jazz that illuminated the art form's cultural origins, concepts about improvisation and creative self-expression. Students also explored the role and responsibility of each individual member of the jazz ensemble and how they all must work together to serve and achieve the collective goal of making great music. JazzReach drew parallels between the ensemble, the bandstand, and community as an effective means to promote important social values such as civic responsibility, teamwork, collaboration and cooperation.


Take a look at the news coverage story here and you’ll see the impact these educational outreach concerts had on the students:

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