Tim Taylor

Butte County Superintendent of Schools

Superintendents Message

Welcome to the newly designed Butte County Office of Education’s website to kick off the 2013-14 school year.  Start with a tour of the new website, then please provide feedback as comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

As the Butte County Superintendent of Schools, I hope you will take time to navigate our website to learn more about educational and administrative services we provide to the 15 Butte County school districts, the 32,000 students living in Butte County, and another 17,000 students through our Migrant Education and California Mini-Corps programs located throughout the state.  Our new website makes it easier for us to improve the communication between the county office and our community.

I am honored to serve as the County Superintendent for a community dedicated to providing a quality education for all children.  Through the leadership of our County Board of Education we provide a multitude of services through the implementation of education programs; providing mandated oversight and training for school districts in the areas of technology, finances, teacher credentialing, safe schools; various aspects of curriculum and instruction; while also providing training and support to new teachers.

The Butte County Office of Education also strives to meet the specialized needs of students through the unique programs we operate directly, including Special Education, Homeless and Foster Youth Services, Early Childhood Education, After School Services, Migrant Education, California Mini-Corps, BCOE Charter Schools, Juvenile Court Schools, and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs.  In addition, the Butte County Office of Education administers a broad range of state and federally funded programs and services such as K-12 High Speed Network, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Online, Brokers of Expertise and Center for the Advancement of Digital Resources in Education (CADRE) online programs that serve thousands of teachers and staff with valuable resources. 

I am privileged to serve in such a great community that is dedicated to providing an education where every student succeeds. We hope the information you find on our website will help you see that our focus is on the success of all students as we assist and support school districts, children, families, and the community.  Our philosophy at BCOE is “Where Children Come First” and each and every employee strives towards that goal each and every day.   


Tim Taylor - Superintendent
1859 Bird Street, Oroville, CA 95965
Phone: (530) 532-5761
Fax: (530) 532-5762

Mia Osborne-Ng - Senior Executive Assistant
Phone: (530) 532-5650