Biggs After School Chess Team Has A Banner Year

Biggs After School Chess Team Has A Banner Year
This is the image for the news article titled Biggs After School Chess Team Has A Banner YearBiggs has fielded a chess team in each of the 11 years that the Sacramento Valley Scholastic Chess League (SVSCL) has been in existence, but they have never had a year like the one they just had.  And that is saying something because just a few years ago Biggs took first place in the Championship Tournament that is held every year in March.

The SVSCL is comprised of 12 schools from Yuba City, Biggs, Chico, Corning, and Susanville, and has over 175 student players from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade.  Each school receives a total tournament score based on the performance of their top 5 scoring players.  That makes it very difficult to win a tournament, but in the past there have been exceptional teams from different schools who were able to win multiple times in a given year.

No team, however, has ever had a year like the one Biggs just had.  The top 3 teams in each tournament, which are held every month except December, receive a perpetual trophy which they are able to keep until the next tournament.  Well, Biggs won a team trophy at all 6 tournaments and that had never been accomplished before.  And, not only did they trophy at each event, they also took home the 1st place trophy 4 times, and that also had never been done before.

To top it all off, Biggs won the Championship Tournament in March, so they get to keep the 1st place trophy until the next school year.  And one more thing, the SVSCL has a fun bughouse (partner chess) tournament each April to finish up the chess season and individual trophies are awarded to the two members of each first and second place team.  Each team is made up of students from different schools, so it is a good mixer and it allows the players to get to know their competitors better.  Well, all eight of the winning teams had at least one Biggs player on them.

The Biggs After School Program provides staff to teach an after school class, bus transportation to monthly meets at various schools, and snacks for students during the after school class. 

Congratulations to the Biggs Chess Team on a remarkable year!