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Future Educator Support
Butte County Office of Education
1760 Creekside Oaks Drive, Suite 190
Sacramento, CA 95833
Phone: (530) 871-9153

Classified Employee Grant



The Classified Employee Grant seeks to provide guidance and financial assistance to future educators who seek a Teaching Credential. The Classified Employee Teacher Recruitment Grant awarded by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, which provides approximately $3000 per year in reimbursements to assist classified employees pursuing a teaching credential was awarded in 2017 to BCOE Future Educator Support in collaboration with Imperial County Office of Education, Orange County Department of Education and San Diego County Office of Education.
This funding supports classified school employees under the collaborating local educational agencies to complete their undergraduate education and/or teacher preparation program so that classified employees can become credentialed teachers in the state’s public schools. One major goal of the program is to support all participants in passing both the CBEST and CSET in a timely manner.
In this endeavor, FES has developed online courses. Our support includes individualized student support,  in-house advising and a platform for CBEST, CSET and RICA test prep.  
In partnering with Feather River College and Mendocino College, our grantees are enrolled in an education course with embedded exam prep and pedagogy. 
Grant support

Grant support

  • Grant Educational Advisors
  • Constant communication throughout the entire year
  • At least 3 meetings per semester (Video chat, Phone calls, Emails, or In-person)
  • Develop an Individualized Pathway Plan for each participant
  • Provide guidance towards a teaching credential
  • Supplies participants with resources and information
CBEST and CSET Support

CBEST and CSET Support

The CBEST and CSET exams are barriers that many students face when trying to enter a credential program. 
  • Participants take a pretest
  • The pretest identifies deficiencies
  • Participants receive resources in the identified areas of need
  • If participants need additional support, participants work directly with CBEST or CSET expert
  • CBEST & CSET workshops are provided in 6-week cycles
Grant Educational Online Course

Grant Educational Online Course

  • Online course through Feather River College
  • Front-load pedagogy and content participants will see once they enter a credential program
  • Students have the opportunity to implement what is learned through fieldwork and videos with instructor feedback


  • Undergrad and Credential Courses Tuition (No Masters) Grant funds only 1 credential
  • Books
  • Parking Permits
  • Livescan and CTC Clearance
  • College Applications
  • TB Test
  • CPR Certification
  • CBEST & CSET Exams (and study materials)
  • NO Electronics

You must save your receipts and complete the appropriate paperwork.
Grant Requirements

Grant Requirements

To be eligible for the grant, potential candidates must be classified employees through one of the following counties: Butte County Office of Education, Orange County Department of Education, Imperial County Office of Education, or San Diego County Office of Education.
Grant participants must adhere to all grant requirements to maintain their status in the grant and eligibility for the reimbursable funds. Since the grant is reimbursable, participants must first pay for items out of pocket and submit their receipts to get access to grant funds. 
Application Process

Application Process

  • Application Components
  • Employment Position
  • GPA
  • Education Level
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Personal Statement  


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