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BCOE New Vendor Request

Have a product or service you think adds value for our customers or our IT operation? We actively partner with cutting-edge companies, startups, and other solution providers.
Please follow the below guidelines in order to submit a vendor request.
  • Send an email
  • The subject must be "Vendor Introduction: [Company Name]"
  • In one-hundred words or less, provide an introductory paragraph which answers the following question: What problem does your solution solve?
  • In one-hundred words or less, explain the benefits your solution provides.
  • Provide a listing of no more than five school districts in California that are actively using your solution. If you don't have any districts actively using your solution, state that.
  • Include your name, title, and contact information (email signature is fine).
  • Do not attach any product literature.
All vendor emails will be pre-screened to ensure compliance with the above guidelines. Emails that meet these guidelines will qualify to be reviewed by department management at the end of each month. If we are interested in learning more, we will contact you.