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Uriel Ramirez Torres - MSIX Trainer
Phone: (530) 666-1977 ext. 8
Yecenia Ocampo - MSIX Trainer
Phone: (707) 799-7490
CA MSIX Support
Phone: (800) 342-2964 ext. 3

MSIX Training

Migrant Student Information Exchange

Migrant Student Information Exchange

The Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) is the technology that allows States to share educational and health information on migrant children who move from State to State due to their migratory lifestyle and who as a result, have student records in multiple States' information systems. MSIX works in concert with the existing migrant student information systems that States currently use to manage their migrant data to fulfill its mission to ensure the appropriate enrollment, placement, and accrual of credits for migrant children nationwide and reduce incidences of unnecessary immunizations of migrant children. In addition, States are able to notify each other when a migrant student is moving to a different State. 
Potential or current MSIX users and any other frontline educators who are seeking a high-level understanding of the Records Exchange Initiative and the MSIX system. 
Available trainingS

Available trainingS

New! MSIX Virtual Café: Join the MSIX Trainers to chat anything MSIX! Virtual sessions are open to Q&A, Participant’s Choice topics, and will feature useful MSIX tips
CA MSIX Overview: Records Exchange Initiative, The MSIX system, The Consolidated Student Record, and Support
User Administrator: User Administrator Role and Responsibilities, Appropriate Applicants, MSIX Training Requirement, MSIX Access Procedure, Review of MSIX User Applications, Retention of MSIX Access Requested documentation, MSIX Account Management, and Support 
Data Administrator: Regional Data Administrator Role and Responsibilities, Data Requests, Merging (Combining) Records, Splitting (Separating) Records, Move Notices, and Support 
Secondary User: MSIX Secondary User Role and Responsibilities, State Policies on the use of MSIX, Functionality Practice, and Support 
Spanish MSIX Overview for Parents: Records Exchange Initiative, The MSIX system, The Consolidated Student Record, and Support
Scheduled Trainings

Scheduled Trainings

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