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Butte Teacher Induction Components

The Butte County Office of Education offers a two-year Commission Approved induction program to teachers seeking to clear their preliminary teaching credential. Building upon their Teacher Preparation Program and utilizing their Preliminary Program Transition Plan, our candidates will experience enhanced professional learning opportunities by participating in a robust, reflective and individulalized induction process. 
Through enhanced training, feedback, and guidance from a highly qualified mentor, our candidates will establish a system of inquiry and growth based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. In addition, our candidates will cultivate a professional learning network that will eliminate professional isolation and continue to support them as they progress throughout their educational career.  Thus, Butte County Office of Education’s Teacher Induction Program will produce highly qualified professionals who effectively impact student achievement and their school communities.  Download and view our Brochure for further information.
Our Butte Induction Team posing by a popcorn bar.
Ms. Myers & Ms. Maccomber smiling for the picture.
Ms. Statton, Ms. Buttita & Ms. Debord smiling for the camera.
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