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Transportability Q&A

I am transferring to a new induction program, what do, I need to do?
• Complete a Transportability Form & submit it to the BCOE Induction Program
• Contact the new induction program immediately upon hire
• Maintain all documentation for your Individualized learning Plan & Google Site
• Obtain a current Verification Form from the program director to share with the new program
If I need to transfer to a new induction program, how will BCOE assist me?
The BCOE Teacher Induction Program will...
Provide verification to the new program in regards to induction completion, via the Verification Form
• Transfer all information in a timely manner to ensure a smooth transition between programs
• Contact the receiving the transferring teacher, if known
• Upon verification of candidate leaving, transfer the participating teacher out of the original program
I am transferring to the BCOE induction program, how will BCOE support me?
The BCOE Teacher Induction Program will ..
• Contact your former program to receive all documentation regarding induction progress
• Conduct a 1) intake interview with candidate to ensure smooth transition
• Select a high, quality mentor t hat is aligned with your individual needs
• Determine next steps to ensure candidates growth goals and individual learning plan are on target for program completion