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2018-2019 Mock Trial




With the assistance of a Teacher Coach and an Attorney Coach, the Mock Trial and Competition actively engages students from local high schools. Students experience the excitement of working in teams, exchanging ideas, setting goals, and examining issues while interacting with positive role models from their communities. By studying the case and preparing strategies and arguments for trial, students also develop presentation skills, analytic ability, and team cooperation. A typical Mock Trial team consists of 8 to 20 students.
Students doing a mock trial


Mock Trial Team did a wonderful job working together as a group participating in the case brief: People v. Klein
"People v. Klein is the trial of Reagan Klein, a young adult resident of the fictional town of East Flamingo, California. Reagan is charged with two felony counts: making a false report of an emergency (in this case, commonly referred to as “swatting”) and making a criminal threat..."


"I really like the case, it was super technical on the crime committed and finding the loopholes within the law to make the case was cool." 
-Emma Harloe 
"I loved the case, my favorite part of the experience was making my own truth of the case. It was especially interesting to see how arguments are presented in a court setting." 
-Cyan Vang  
"When I first read the summary for the People v. Klein case I already had a suspect in mind. But then I was in the Defense Counsel and was like, 'Oh no, my client is guilty.' And so I took my personal time outside Mock Trial to delve deeper into the case."
-Kryzel Jhae Dequito 
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Additional information about Butte County Mock Trial Competition is available by e-mailing or phoning Mary Ellen Garrahy (530-532-5647)