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2020 Mock Trial


Students in a court room
On February 25th, 2020 Oroville High school, Las Plumas High School, and Hearthstone met at Butte County Courthouse in Oroville. Students have been preparing for this case since September, and overall, the entire trial was a wonderful educational experience for all of the kids. 
Thank you to all of the Honorable Judges Tamara L. Mosbarger, Clare Keithley and Jesus Rodriguez presided over the trial competitions. Scoring was done by local volunteer attorneys Desiree Vance, Roger Wilson, Dave Garner, JJ Star-Modlin, Pancho Zarate, Rob Radcliffe, Mark Stapleton, Sharon Stover and Adam Insul. WIthout everyone's help and consideration this event wouldn't have gone as well as it did!
Students in a court room
Las Plumas High School won the 2020 Butte County Mock Trial held at the Butte County Superior Court in Oroville on February 25, 2020. The team scored 955 points to earn the County title this year. The competition involved 3 participating high schools: Hearthstone, Oroville High School and Las Plumas High School. The Las Plumas High School Mock Trial team will now advance to represent Butte County at the California State Mock Trial Competition on March 21-22 in Los Angeles. 
Students in a court roomStudents standing in a court room
Las Plumas High School’s team included Chloe Bryant, Hailey Gramps, Monica Reynoso, Emily Pierce, Tyler Yor, Miranda Shippey, Olivia Smith-Sheets, Madison Mohr, Ashley Dequito, Nya Belcastro, Alyna Flores, Valerie Kelley, Mitsa Xayavongsa, Jasmyn Terry, Bryken Bill and Charlie Whalley. The team was coached by Bret Lawson. Deputy District Attorney Erika Romo mentored the team weekly prior to the event.
Students in a court roomHearthstone ranked second of three, behind Las Plumas High School, and ahead of Oroville High School, and Hearthstone's Drama Dragons took home EIGHT special accolades for individual performances including:
Fey Febbo: Best Closing Argument
Justin Bishop: Best Opening Argument
Russel Bozarth: Detective Micha Eisenberg performance
Eloise Gonzales: Dr. Amari Wolpert performance (FIRST theatrical performance!)
Kaylee Jacobsen: Casey Silber performance (FIRST acting performance!)
Austin Driver: Dr. Jules Jackson performance (the judge and lawyers LOVED him!)
Lex Wroten: Best Baliff AND Best Desi Kunsler performance (we all though desi "did it"!!)(The murder, that is!)
Oroville High School also deserves recognition, there team did an amazing job! The students on the team include: Anthony Rodriguez, Avalon Vang, Pa Ying Yang, Haley Saephan, Jesus Navarro, Axel Amador, Marcie Wright, and Angel Thao. All of them did their best competing against the other two schools. 
Every student who participated in this event is a winner! There were so many things that all of these students learned and studied that even most adults don't know about. So give these hardworking kids the credit they deserve. Thank you again to all the volunteers and students for participating. We hope to see you again next year!
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A student getting a medalA woman shaking a students handA boy getting a medalA student getting a medal

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The Mock Trial competition simulates a trial-level proceeding in which students play the roles of pretrial counsel, prosecuting and defense attorneys, witnesses, court clerks, and bailiffs before a single presiding judge and two to three scoring judges who score individuals based on their legal arguments and presentations.
Each year, unique cases are developed and presented to create powerful learning experiences on the rule of law and our judicial system. Materials are based on important issues facing America's youth. Mock Trial materials include a hypothetical criminal case (summaries of case law, witness statements, official exhibits, simplified rules of evidence) and lesson plans on the central issues in the case. Moot Court case topics engage youth in current-day dialog that encourage critical thinking about issues our communities are facing.
The pretrial issue and case will be revealed September 2019
For the 2019-2020 California Mock Trial Team Rule-book
Check back for the full case brief




With the assistance of a Teacher Coach and an Attorney Coach, the Mock Trial and Competition actively engages students from local high schools. Students experience the excitement of working in teams, exchanging ideas, setting goals, and examining issues while interacting with positive role models from their communities. By studying the case and preparing strategies and arguments for trial, students also develop presentation skills, analytic ability, and team cooperation. A typical Mock Trial team consists of 8 to 20 students.
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Additional information about Butte County Mock Trial Competition is available by e-mailing or phoning Mary Ellen Garrahy (530-532-5647)


Date Event/Item Notes
September 3 County Registration Deadline Required to receive materials and compete at the state finals.
September 7 Case Brief and Lesson Plan Released Available at
September 13 Case Released at 3:00pm Available at with password
September 17 Case Materials sent to counties Submit request with county registration
December 14 Mock Trial School Participation Form & Payment Due School Participation Form
January 7 Updated Case Release Required version for the state finals
January 9 School & Student Registration Deadline +

Team Roster,Team Registration,Ethic Roster,
School/Coach Registration Portal

February 25 Butte County Mock Trial North Butte County Courthouse, Oroville
March 20-22 California State Finals (County Champion Only) Los Angeles
May 6-9 National High School Mock Trial Championship Evansville, IN



January 8, 2020 these forms are due:
Judge/Attorney Score Sheet