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2022 NHD Results

National History Day (NHD) is a premier competition that engages more than half a million students nationally. As part of NHD, Butte County History Day allows students to participate in authentic, challenging, project-based learning that lasts an entire school year. Students select topics and research them as historians would – by using libraries, archives, museums and oral history interviews. Their analysis and interpretations come together with the facts and evidence they've gathered to become their final projects.
Individual Website-Junior 

Individual Website-Junior 

Katy Chavera
  • 1. The French Huguenots: Exile, Refuge, Settlement, and Self-Assurance
Titus Lackey
  • 2. Water Rights in California: A Brief History
Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • 3. Panic and Prosperity: The Fear of Pearl Harbor
Individual Exhibit-Junior

Individual Exhibit-Junior

Selena Sage
  • 1. La Malinche: Traitor of her People or Mother of Mexico
Dylan Thao
  • 2. How Were the Hmong People Treated?
Mariah Anderson
  • 3. Slavery
Group Exhibit-Junior

Group Exhibit-Junior

Alana McCabe, Audriana Willman, Mackenzie Sanders
  • 1. Jefferson vs. Hamilton
Emmalyn Burton, Bella Medrano
  • 2. Women Fight to Win Their Rights
Grace Fiesel, Donovan Walsh
  • 3. Julius Caesar: The Dictator That Failed 
Historical paper-junior

Historical paper-junior

Ariya Yang
  • 1. Hideyoshi's Embarassing Ways to Conquer East Asia!
Valerie Thao
  • 2. Vang Pao's Hope: Stories From the Hmong Secret War
Alex Rivas-Gonzales
  • 3. United or Confederate: The Sides of the Civil War


Skyla Vang
  • 1. The People Behind the War