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2021 Robotics Event

This year's Robotics Event was held at the Municipal Auditorium in Downtown Oroville. Students of the YMCA group spent the day designing and creating their own robots. After looking over the materials given each student  sketched out their ideal robot(s), one stationary and another which would include an engine. Once finished with their sketches they got to work, setting their plans into action.
Robotics Build Day 2020-2021

Robotics Build Day 2020-2021

Under the supervision of adults, students use saw to accurately cut their wood craft pieces for their robots.
"Welcome to Junk Robotics Build Day"
A robot built by one of the students, pieced together with craft sticks and a paper cup as the main body. Atop the paper cup is the battery tied down with rubberbands. At the front end of the cup a small bladed fan is attached, near the back, the craft sticks with a small compass taped on top.
Student sketching out their robot design on a piece of paper
Students standing in line overlooking the table set with different materials.
Students sitting down at table piecing together different pieces of their robots
Instructor helping direct students crowded around table.