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2018 Results and Gallery

Butte County Office of Education coordinated the county elementary spelling bees for grades 4-6 students and the county junior high competition for students in grades 7-9.
84 students participated in the elementary bee and 28 participated in the Jr. high bee. The event was sponsored by Paradise Rotary and took place at the Paradise Performing Arts Center. The 2018 winners eligible to advance to the California State Spelling Bee were:
  • Elementary 1st Place - Ginny Hurley, Central Middle School
  • Elementary Runner Up - Mimi Vo, Oakdale Heights
  • Jr. High 1st Place - Ryan Daughtery, Bidwell Jr.
  • Jr. High Runner Up - Carelin Kue, Nelson Avenue
Junior High Spelling Bee

Junior High Spelling Bee

Rotary Club at Spelling Bee
Judges preparing to begin
spelling bee trophies
Competitors wait at tables as judges go over their answers.
Competitors attentively writing their words down on paper
Competitors waiting at tables for written Spelling Bee
jr. high students receiving spelling bee trophies
Elementary Spelling Bee

Elementary Spelling Bee

students waiting for spelling bee to begin
elementary student on stage ready
Elementary spellers receiving their trophies
Ginny Hurley from Central Middle onstage
Elementary spelling bee participants facing forward