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2019 Results and Gallery

Butte County Office of Education coordinated the county elementary Spelling Bees for grades 4-6 students and the county junior high competition for students in grades 7-9.
76 students participated in the Elementary Bee and 34 participated in the Jr. High Bee. The 2019 winners who will advance to the California State Spelling Bee are:
  • Elementary 1st Place - Matthew Yang, Poplar Elementary School
  • Elementary Runner Up - Jack Peppas, Shasta Elementary School
  • Jr High 1st Place - Cora Lawrence, Manzanita Elementary School
  • Jr High Runner Up - Salma Alfaqueeh, Sycamore Middle School
2 smiling girls with large trophies
Spelling bee participants
Spelling bee participants
2 smiling boys with large trophies
A girl participating during the spelling bee
Spelling bee participants