Academic Decathlon


The Butte County Academic Decathlon, held the first Saturday in February of each year, is an academic competition open to high school students from all school districts in Butte County.

On February 3, 2018, high school students, teachers, and community volunteers will gather at Butte County Office of Education in Oroville for the Annual Butte County Academic Decathlon.This year's theme: Africa.

Official 2017 Results

Student decathletes participate as a 9-member team against other schools by taking 30 minute multiple-choice tests in the subjects of economics, language & literature, music, science, art, mathematics, and social science.

In addition, each team member gives a planned 4 minute speech, a 2 minute impromptu speech, participates in a 7-minute interview, and has 50 minutes to write an essay. Each team consists of three honor students (grade point average 3.75-4.0), three scholastic decathletes (GPA 3.00-3.74), and three varsity decathletes (GPA 0.0-2.99).

The competition culminates in the high-energy team event called the Super Quiz, which is open to the public. Individual and team award medals are presented at an awards banquet and the overall winning team from the county competition is invited to participate in the statewide California Academic Decathlon.

Academic Decathlon teams spend months preparing for this demanding competition. In addition to mastering the extensive academic content, students learn about teamwork, goal setting, planning and leadership.


Additional information about the Butte County Academic Decathlon is available by e-mailing or calling Mary Ellen Garrahy: (530)532-5647