Annual Specialty Employee Awards

Each year, the superintendent honors and recognizes employees for their superior service and dedication to Butte County Office of Education

Listed below are three specialty categories for which a BCOE employee, community/business, or volunteer may be nominated

Superintendent's Award

Given to an employee or group of employees who, for a variety of reasons, has exemplified what it means to be a great employee.

  • Recipients of this award are selected by the County Superintendent.

Hall of Fame

Given to individuals who have made significant contributions and have long-term impact on the school educational community. The recipient must be a past or retired employee, or community member who has served the county office for at least 10 years.

  • Recipients of this award are nominated by BCOE employees and are selected by the Hall of Fame Committee appointed by the County Superintendent.

Community Partners Award

Given to a member or organization of the community, who for a variety of reasons has made a positive impact on the educational success of student goals in the classroom, a program, or Butte County Office of Education in its entirety.

  • Awardee has a history of working with BCOE in innovative ways
    Collaboration with others in the successful implementation of programs, events, initiatives, etc. that will leave a lasting impact on the organization.
  • Demonstrates initiative, creativity and perseverance in seeking ways to challenge the present and enrich the future.
  • Awardee is creative, willing to try new ideas and reaches out to children/youth.
  • Awardee speaks out in his/her community on issues that impact children/youth.
  • Recipients of this award are nominated by BCOE employees and are selected by the Nominating Committee.