BCOE HSN Updates - December 2017
BCOE HSN Updates - December 2017
Contributor: Rachel White
Monday, January 08, 2018

This monthly report serves as a communication vehicle to various Administrators, providing updates on the accomplishments of the HSN Department of Butte County Office of Education. 

In this Issue 

Wildfires in California -
Request for waiver with the 
Federal Communications 

E-rate trainings - three all day 
bootcamps, CETPA and special 
invitation to meet with 
Stanislaus County technology 

E-rate direct assistance to 
applicants and service 
providers - engaging the help 
of the Universal Service 
Administrative Company to 
overcome complex E-rate 

Outreach: E-rate News Flash 
and the FCC Form 486 
reminders continue to be 

BIIG: continued preparation 
for the 2018 round of 
supersedures, as well as 
troubleshoot billing issues with 
prior year supersedures. 

AB104 - Procurement 
Training: sessions at CETPA 
and a full day workshop at San 
Bernardino COE 

Full report: PDF version

Full report: Text version accessible to screen readers