Poetry 99 Winners!
Poetry 99 Winners!
Contributed by: BCOE District Support Services - Caitlyn Richter
Thursday, April 05, 2018

Congratulations to Table Mountain School students Jeremiah and Jayden as well as Las Plumas High School Hailie Lozano for placing in the top three for the Poetry 99 high school competition! 

Jayden placed first with his poem, “I Need an Eraser” in the high school entries. 

Jeremiah placed second in the high school entries with his poem, “I Got It”. 

Third place was awarded to Hailie Lozano for her poem, “Memorial”. 

Poetry 99 winning entries as well as honorable mentions were featured in the "Chico News and Review" at: https://www.newsreview.com/chico/poetry-99-high-school-winners/content?oid=26077655.

I Need an Eraser

The occasional bargain

of gruesome anger vulnerable to

a habitual addiction.

Repetitious expectations

deepened until dissipation.

Again and again,

straw hat, shirts, and tropical tide doors.

Occasional, suspicious privileges

approached impetuously.

The foreseen incarceration,

when fleeing from probation.

My life is a broken pencil.


-Jayden, 17, Table Mountain School

Second place

I Got It

The sorrowful phone suddenly went calm

lifeless sound encouraged panic.

Cold hearted inspectorate is closing in,

the Wickford Bay door sprung ajar.

Ting-ting of numbers rapidly being punched,

humble ringing returned,

the elite Wisteria light began to shine,

pessimistic feeling of nothingness vanished.

-Jeremiah, 17, Table Mountain School


I want to be remembered

as someone who knew

how to craft letters

into art,

how to make

a memory, an image, a dream

burst from a page.

I am soft, sensitive, tentative

and that is not usually

to my advantage,

but I hope

that my wavelength

does not go unnoticed.


I am more than just a whisper

or a single breath

or a fallen feather.

I am a hurricane

made of pens and paintbrushes.

Hailie Lozano, 17, Oroville

Broken pencil image from wikimedia.org under creative commons license contributed by Pwlps on March 24, 2015.