BCOE Students at the A’s Game
BCOE Students at the A’s Game
Contributed by BCOE Special Education
Thursday, April 26, 2018

Four students earned a full day of fun going to a recent Oakland A’s baseball game. Kayla Ellsworth, Andrew Galvan, Trenton Drummond, and James Pilley went on the A’s game field trip from the Mesa and Nelson Access classroom.  The classroom uses a fun, level-system to challenge and reward students for model behavior, and these students were motivated! After hearing about the Oakland A’s field trip, they all worked hard to go to the game by earning points in their class for daily positive behavior, safe choices and academic completion. These four demonstrated safe, respectful, focused and responsible choices during the three weeks leading up to the game and two students earned a field trip for the very first time! Hats off to these four, wonderful kids who worked hard and earned this exciting trip!

Student Kayla standing in stands enjoying A's game

"Getting on camera was awesome because I have never been on camera!" - Kayla Ellsworth

Student Kayla Dancing

Student Trenton a teacher and Kayla taking a selfie in seats

"The best things about the trip were: 1) I like baseball 2)I didn't have to be at school 3) We got to eat at Chik-fil-A. They were all equally the best things." - Trenton Drummond (right)

James Sitting with Andrew at A's game

"Seeing baseball and the Golden Gate Bridge in real life and eating at Chick-fil-A was so cool. I had never done any of those things before. Cool stuff." - James Pilley (left)

James dancing at A's game

Andrew, James and Kayla watching baseball field

"Not being at school. Best part ever. And, getting on TV. So fun! Baseball is awesome." - Andrew Galvan (right)

Andrew Dancing at A's game

For additional information, contact: Elizabeth Edgington, Mesa Vista School, (530) 532-5740 x120 or eedgington@bcoe.org