Kelly Negrete
Thursday, June 21, 2018

image of "haunted baby" robot

On Wednesday June 20th, Butte County had their first Junk Robotics Maker's Day! The purpose of the event was to provide students K-12 with space, creativity, and materials to create a robot of their liking. Students' robots could be either mobile or non-mobile robots that were then entered in the County Fair in Gridley in August.

Maker's Day had a great turnout of students that created and named their inventions with plenty of donated materials from various local and non-local shops within Butte County.

A huge thank you to Rachel Savord for making this event happen!

Image of all finished robots

robots ready to be entered into the fair

closer look onto some robots

BCOE intern working with student on a robot

image of some supplies used

image of donated supplies from shops

students creative robot in the making

image of battery packs used

supplies used to create robots

robot creation beginning

BCOE interns helping with glue station

parent helping student on their robot

students finished product

Jake helping create mobile robots

BCOE interns with finished results

Donovan helping attach wires