K-12 Online Content for Schools
K-12 Online Content for Schools
Contributed by: BCOE District Support Services
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

" ... The California State Library, with help from the California Department of Education, has made available three online databases for every K–12 school in the state beginning this fall. There is no cost for this service to your school district.

Online content from Encyclopedia Britannica, ProQuest, and TeachingBooks.net will be available at school, at home, in libraries, and on mobile devices for students, teachers, and administrators. This service provides a massive digital library of books, scientific research, newspaper articles, photos, videos, and more—all aligned with the curriculum that California has created for its schools."

For details: https://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/el/le/yr18ltr0411.asp

To complete setup:

The providers need your help to successfully set up access to these resources for all of your students and staff. Please either complete this form, or forward this to your tech director to complete.

The information in this form is necessary to successfully set up these resources for your students, teachers, and families. 

If you want see if your district has completed this form yet, please review this list of all not-yet-setup California LEAs. If you have questions, please use the contact information on the form to reach the providers, or reach out to California State Library Special Projects Coordinator, Mary Beth Barber, at Marybeth.barber@library.ca.gov or 916-323-9758