Sacramento County Schools Uniting to Support Butte County Schools Devastated by Camp Fire
Tim Herrera / Sacramento County Office of Education
Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Education Leaders Unveil “Sister Schools” Partnership
Education leaders from Sacramento County have announced a joint effort to support the thousands of Butte County students traumatized and displaced by the catastrophic Camp Fire.
On Tuesday, November 27, Sacramento County Superintendent David W. Gordon, and District Superintendents Christopher R. Hoffman (EGUSD), Assistant Superintendent Rick Messer (SJUSD), Dr. Sarah Koligian (FCUSD), and Scott Loehr (Center JUSD) announced the joint “Sister Schools” partnership. [Click here to watch news conference.]
Sacramento County students will connect with Butte County students through assemblies, visits, Skype, and email correspondence to offer comfort and establish relationships as Butte students begin returning to class December 3, as well as throughout the year.
“This type of long-term support will make a big difference in the lives of our children,” said Tim Taylor, Butte County Superintendent of Schools. “Our students are devastated and everyone in our county is traumatized. But when our kids return to school and are comforted by kids their age it will lift their hearts.” 
“We need to address the emotional needs of Butte County’s young people. Connecting our students with theirs will be helpful and powerful,” said David W. Gordon, Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools. 
During assemblies and visits, Sacramento County students will personally deliver letters of support, donations, and emotional comfort to Butte County school communities. This partnership will involve both public and private events. Details on the visits and assemblies are forthcoming.