Butte County Office of Education Student Events partnered with the Butte County Fair to host the first ever Junk Robotics Still Exhibit at the Butte County Fair on August 23-26th. Congratulations to the winners who placed in the event . Thank you to who all participated in our Junk Robotics Makers Day and submitted your creations into the fair.

Grades 1-3

1st Place: Liam Kinnell

1st Place: Bo Latka

1st Place: Colton Laska

2nd Place: Clayton Cecil

Grades 4-6

1st Place: Richard GIngery

1st Place: William Whistichin

1st Place: Celio Cueve-Perras

1st Place: Noah Bundy

1st Place: Matthew Goff

2nd Place: Austin Driver

Grades 7-8

1st Place: Forrest Lassell

2nd Place: Nolan Garrahy

Grades 9-10

1st Place: William Hartman

2nd Place: Emma Garrahy

William Hartman's Piece

William W.'s Piece

First and Second Place winners