Cost for Emergency 30-Day Sub Permit

Special note regarding the approximate cost breakdown for an initial Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permit application (in addition to the below costs, the CTC application fee is $102.50)

Minimum requirements

1. Verification of baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university

2. Verification of satisfying the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)

3. Fingerprint clearances through the California DOJ and FBI (unless already on file at CTC) 

Baccalaureate degree

This is verified by official transcript only. There may be a fee associated with ordering official transcripts which will vary depending on the college or university conferring the degree.

Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) http://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/cl667.pdf

If meeting BSR through CBEST, there are two testing options:

  • paper-based test (pre-scheduled dates six times a year, Sat only)
  • computer-based test (by appointment, year-round, Mon-Sat)

Information and registration for CBEST is through their website: CBEST


Fingerprint clearances through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are required from every applicant prior to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s (CTC) issuance of any credential, permit, or certificate.

Fingerprint clearance through DOJ is also a requirement for employment for each individual district in Butte County.

  • Fingerprint cost for CTC clearances -- $63.00 through BCOE (costs through other Livescan agencies may differ)
  • Fingerprint cost for district employment – varies depending upon Livescan agency used, but will range from $32.00 to $68.00 (this applies only to substitute employment in Chico Unified, Paradise Unified, & Oroville City Elementary)