Fingerprinting for Employment as a Substitute Teacher

California State Education Code prohibits the employment of a certificated employee who has been convicted of a serious or violent felony. To ensure compliance with law, each public school employer (district) must obtain a DOJ criminal history report for each applicant for certificated employment.

Whether you already have a teaching credential registered with Butte County or need to apply for a substitute permit, for substitute teachers, this is met in one of two ways:

  • A process performed at BCOE. Twelve of the fifteen school districts in Butte County have formed a Clearinghouse for fingerprinting. The DOJ allows the participating districts to share one fingerprint clearance for employment as a substitute teacher only.
  • A process performed at another livescan agencyusing paperwork specifically from one of the three districts that chose not to participate in the Clearinghouse- Chico Unified, Paradise Unified, and Oroville City Elementary.

Those who wish to substitute for one of the twelve Clearinghouse districts should call the BCOE Credentials Office to set up an appointment for fingerprinting. You will need to bring a valid Driver License or ID card. Those who wish to substitute for Chico Unified, Paradise Unified or Oroville City Elementary must contact those districts separately regarding their fingerprint clearance process.