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Great Kindness Challenge 2020 Save the Date

The Great Kindness Challenge is one week dedicated to creating a culture of kindness on campuses nationwide. The Butte County Office of Education, along side our schools are proudly participating in this proactive, positive bullying prevention initiative. Students and adults will receive a GKC Checklist with 50 kind deeds. We are encouraging everyone to complete the checklist and show the world that kindness matters! 

How To Participate:

To sign up your school or classroom, go to the Great Kindness Challenge Website. Once there, you will be required to make an account, and complete a short registration process before receiving all the necessary materials. Including Kindness Checklists (Standard and Jr. versions) as well as a Great Kindness Challenge Toolkit, which will help you implement the challenge at your school. The Toolkit also contains ideas for other activities your school can do to help spread the kindness.

The Great Kindness Challenge is 

week of January 27 - 31, 2020

Great Kindness Challenge Website: http://www.greatkindnesschallenge.org/

For more information, 

Contact Student Engagement and Events Manager Mary Ellen Garrahy