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The Superintendent of Butte County School’s new Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Initiative is dedicated to helping districts, schools, and teachers provide every PreK-12 student in Butte County, equity, access and excellence in arts education. We believe every student deserves the opportunity to create, to perform, to learn about and to experience the arts in all forms including music, theater, dance and the visual arts, both in school and out of school, every day.

Arts Integration Resources:
Crayola Arts Integration Lessons / CCSS Incredible Art Department Kennedy Center's Arts Integration -ELA Kennedy Center's Arts Integration - Math Kennedy Center's Arts Integration - Science Kennedy Center's Arts Integration - History Kennedy Center's Arts Integration - Social Studies Teach Arts - CCSESA Arts Region 7 The Right Brain - Video

VAPA Research Resources:

Americans for the Arts: Facts & Figures: on the benefits and decline of arts education - http://goo.gl/aXW6vA
Barry, N. H. (2010). Oklahoma A+ Schools: What the research tells us 2002-2007. Volume three quantitative measures. Oklahoma A+ Schools/University of Central Oklahoma - http://goo.gl/nlz9k1


California Arts Council Searchable Research Database
Coleman, David (2012). Architect of Common Core Speaks about the Arts - David Coleman on YouTube

Preparing-Students-for-the-Next-America:The Benefits of an Arts Education - http://goo.gl/OnrIJ

Student painting of being floating in air

Student painting of owl

Student painting of umpire and catcher on ball field

Sample of High School Students' Art Submissions - 3rd Annual Superintendent's High School Juried Art Show

State VAPA Standards

The California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) standards represent a continuum skills, knowledge, and abilities in dance, music, theater, and the visual arts that all students are expected to master from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.

Dance Standards
Music Standards
Theater Standards
Visual Arts Standards

National Visual Arts & Media Arts Standard

The Development of the next generation of voluntary National Visual Arts & Media Arts Standards were leased in June 2014.
The standards were developed by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS).
You can access the New National Core Arts Standards and Model Cornerstone Assessments for grades PreK-12 here: http://nationalartsstandards.org/ .

Specific discipline standards are linked below:

National Dance Standards
National Music Standards
National Theatre Standards


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