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Butte County Office of Education

Butte County Office of Education


The Butte County Board of Education, in conjunction with the County Superintendent of Schools, provides leadership, service and support to the 14 local districts and all students in Butte County.
The Butte County Board of Education consists of seven elected members who represent individual Trustee Areas in the county. Board members represent different areas of the county. Trustees are elected by the voters at the primary election of even numbered years and serve four year terms.
Trustee Area 1  Chico District 3 Trustee Representatives
Trustee Area 2  Oroville District 2 Trustee Representatives
Trustee Area 3  Paradise District 1 Trustee Representative
Trustee Area 4  Biggs/Durham/Gridley 1 Trustee Representative

From among its members, the Board elects a President and Vice President at its December meeting. The Butte County Superintendent of Schools serves as the Board Secretary.
Roles of the Board

Roles of the Board

The County Board of Education has responsibility for:
  • Approving the annual County Office budget
  • Adopting policies governing the operation of the Board
  • Acting as the appeal Board for student expulsions
  • Acting as the appeal Board for inter-district transfers
  • Acting as the appeal Board for charter school petitions
  • Establishing the County Superintendent salary
  • Approving curriculum for Butte County Office of Education operated schools
  • Acting as the County Committee on School District Organization


Mary Sakuma - Superintendent 
Ann Bates - Senior Executive Assistant
1859 Bird Street, Oroville, CA 95965
Phone: (530) 532-5650
Fax: (530) 532-5762