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Substitute Teaching Permits

Substitute teaching in Butte County requires a valid credential or permit authorization registered with this office. Please confirm that your valid credential or permit is registered here by emailing us.
Individuals who do not hold an appropriate substitute teaching authorization may apply for a substitute permit. The following types of permits are available depending on whether or not you hold a Bachelor's degree:
Our process has changed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Click here to contact Credentials support for more information. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

As a reminder, your Educator Account and Login/Password must be in place before your appointment at BCOE.
There are fourteen school districts in Butte County. The County Office does not maintain a centralized substitute list. Each district operates independently and does its own hiring, substitute calling, and has its own salary schedule & substitute list. You must contact each district that you wish to substitute in to find out what paperwork is required in order to be included on that district's substitute list.
There are basic employment requirements common to all employers such as possession of a substitute authorization (credential/permit), verification of meeting basic skills, current TB clearance, and original pieces of identification (driver license, social security card, passport, etc). Be aware that each district may also have other employment requirements.