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Candidates & Mentors

Want to learn more about becoming a Butte Teacher Induction Program Candidate or Mentor? Contact us today at 530-532-5800.
Candidate and Mentor smiling for the camera.
Candidate and Mentor smiling for the camera.
Two Teachers smiling
Candidate and Mentor smiling for the camera.
Mentor Selection Criteria:

Mentor Selection Criteria:

The Butte County Office of Education assigns highly qualified mentors to each of the candidates within the first 30 days of the candidate's enrollment. The following mentor selection criteria is used to ensure highly skilled mentors:
  • Ability to utilize reflective teaching
  • Ability, willingness & flexibility to communicate well with adult learners
  • Ability to work in a thoughtful, compassionate and non-judgmental manner with others
  • Ability to work with adults & students from diverse cultures & backgrounds
  • Exhibits skills, abilities, and knowledge of the CSTP in his/her own classroom
  • Commitment to his/her own professional growth & collaboration

"Thank you so much for everything, especially your encouragement and positive attitude! The Butte Induction Team always goes the extra mile for their candidates and mentors!"      -Induction Candidate