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Early Completion Option


SB 57 (Scott) provides for an Early Completion Option (ECO) for Multiple and Single Subject Induction candidates. This option is as rigorous as or more rigorous than the full Induction Program, but is offered at an accelerated pace for experienced and exceptional candidates. The Butte County Teacher Induction Program’s Early Completion Option includes an individualized learning plan and evidence of completion. Upon successful completion of the Induction requirements as set forth in this policy, candidates are recommended to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for a Clear Credential.
Candidates accepted for the ECO will conference with the Program leadership and the Mentor to review expectations and timelines for early completion. During this conference, the expectations and timelines for early completion will be determined.
Missing deadlines may cause for the withdrawal of the ECO option approval. The candidate must continue to demonstrate that the ECO is appropriate. If candidates are unable to continue to demonstrate appropriate placement in the ECO, the Program Leadership may recommend the traditional induction  process for the candidate.


The candidate must hold a preliminary education specialist, multiple or single subject credential and be employed in a California school. The intent of the law is to serve experienced and exceptional candidates.
  • Contact your district induction coordinator and the Butte Teacher Induction Program of your intention to apply for the Early Completion Option.
  • Submit an application packet with all needed documentation.
All of the above criteria must be met as determined by the Butte Teacher Induction Program and the employing district. In addition, the Butte Teacher Induction Program and employing district retain the right to request any additional evidence that may be necessary to determine a candidate’s appropriateness for the ECO.