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Academic Decathlon

Butte County Academic Decathlon Winning Team

Butte County Academic Decathlon Winning Team

Las Plumas High School Academic Decathlon, Winning team photo
Members of the winning team (LPHS): Jaydon Grubbs, Quade Lobo, Bryken Bill, Cayden Hughart, Mylo Spangler, Jett Doyle, Jackson Alexander, Ayvin Hamrell, Lauren Hemberry, Elizabeth Fairbanks, Jamieson Sparkman, Yamahni Duncan, Isabella Morgado, Bailey Rojas.
On February 4, 2023, the Butte County Office of Education hosted the Butte County Academic Decathlon with Las Plumas High School placing first. They scored 15,978 points under the direction of English teacher Christian Bruce, earning the school the county title. As part of the California State Academic Decathlon, which will take place March 25-26 in Santa Clara, California, the team will represent Butte County and attempt to win the state title.
“Aca Deca is an amazing event that highlights academic achievement in a competitive setting.  My favorite part is seeing the students medal in the subjects that they didn't think they would medal in.  They are so much smarter and knowledgeable than they give themselves credit for.”
--Christian Bruce, LPHS Coach
Overall Top Scoring Students by Event:
Economics:  Andrew Ma, PVHS
Literature: Jamieson Sparkman, LPHS
Essay: Mylo Spangler, LPHS
Speech: Snow Harkey, PVHS
Interview:  Cameron Knauss, Paradise High School
Social Science: Lauren Hemberry, LPHS
Science: Oliver Carmack, PVHS
Art:  Chloe Foor, Paradise High School
Music: Oliver Carmack, PVHS and Andrew Ma, PVHS
Math:  Andrew Ma, PVHS and Lauren Hemberry, LPHS
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Butte County Academic Decathlon acknowledges, encourages, and rewards academic excellence by preparing and motivating high school students to achieve through scholastic competition.
What is the Academic Decathlon program?
The Academic Decathlon is a student competition in which 9th- through 12th-grade high school students compete as individuals and as team members in a series of 10 academic tests and demonstrations. Students take seven 30-minute, multiple choice tests in the subjects of art, economics, music, language and literature, mathematics, science, and social science. Students will also have 50 minutes to write an essay on one of three given prompts. In addition to the tests and essay, each student will give two speeches and participate in a seven-minute interview. "The Academic Decathlon embodies a partnership of business, foundations, and individuals in cooperation with the education community and county offices of education." (California Academic Decathlon)
Who may compete in the Academic Decathlon?
California counties hold local Academic Decathlon competitions for the high schools in their county/region. The winning team from each county is then eligible to compete in the California State Finals, along with "invited teams" with the next highest scores in the state. A total of 60 teams participate in the State Finals.
What comprises a team?
A team consists of nine full-time students in 9th through 12th grades from the same school. The nine-member team is comprised of three Varsity, three Scholastic, and three Honor students as indicated by the following categories:
3.80 & above 
3.20 - 3.799 
3.199 & below 
A student may compete in a higher division than their own GPA, but not in a lower division; i.e., a Scholastic student may compete as an Honor student, but not as a Varsity student.
Who may attend Academic Decathlon?
Only high school teams may attend the test-taking portion of the Academic Decathlon. The Super Quiz competition and Awards Ceremony are open to the public.
When will the State Finals be held?
The California Academic Decathlon (CAD) State Finals will be held in Sacramento in 2023. Visit the  CAD website for a schedule.


For additional information about the Butte County Academic Decathlon contact: Mary Ellen Garrahy
Event Details

Event Details

Day 1 – Online Essays
January 19, 2023
Location:  School Sites
Day 2 – Online Objective Tests
January 27, 2023
Location:  School Sites

Day 3 – Speech, Interview, SuperQuiz and Awards
February 4, 2023
Location:  Butte County Office of Education, 1859 Bird Street, Oroville, CA
March 24th-26th 

Due October 7, 2022
Team Registration
Due December 16, 2022
Transcripts and Team Roster Due
December 16, 2022
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